This where you find out what a Coastal Community Team is and just who is part of Weymouth’s Team.

The ‘official’ definition from the Coastal Communities website is https://www.coastalcommunities.co.uk/coastal-community-teams/

“ A Coastal Community Team is a local partnership consisting of the local authority and a range of people and business interests from a coastal community who have an understanding of the issues facing that area and can develop an effective forward strategy for that place. The Team should include a range of local stakeholders and have broad support. While Coastal Community Teams may choose their own priorities, suggested areas of focus, particularly for very new partnerships, are as follows:

  • Enhancing the attractiveness and accessibility of public areas,
  • Providing increased community facilities,
  • Promoting the visitor economy,
  • Encouraging sustainable uses of heritage/cultural assets, and
  • Creating links to support the growth and performance of the retail sector “

Weymouth’s Coastal Community Team is a partnership that includes Weymouth Bid, Weymouth College, Weymouth and Portland Chamber of Commerce, Weymouth and Portland Borough Council (usually the Economic Briefholder), Dorset Councils Partnership Economic Development Team and Weymouth Area Development Trust. It has also had representatives from Dorset County Council Economic Development Team, Dorset LEP and Dorset Growth Hub at various points.

The Weymouth Coastal Community Team is extremely fortunate. Not only is Weymouth Town a beautiful place to do business but it has deep roots, via its member organisations, in the business community of the Town, who have been hugely supportive.

In 2016, supported by a Government grant (Coastal Communities) the group commissioned an Economic Strategy for Weymouth, a copy of which can be found here  https://www.coastalcommunities.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Weymouth-Economic-Plan-Final-Draft-v7.pdf

The group meets on a Project basis currently and is hosted by the Weymouth Area Development Trust (arranges meetings, deals with correspondence, act on behalf of the Weymouth Coastal Communities Team in grant applications etc).

For more information contact chriswilson@wadt.org.uk