We got it!

This post also appears on the WADT website.

Coastal Communities Fund Round 5, a central Government funding pot, had applications from 250 Coastal Town projects. 26 projects were successful and Weymouth Quay Regeneration Project was one of them.

£3.79 million from Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. Added to the money the outgoing WPBC put into the project, this means about £6 million pounds.

What is it for, I hear you cry? So here is the theory….of the Weymouth Quay Regeneration Project.

  1. If we provide support, employment space, training and mentoring for microenterprises, start-ups, and small medium businesses, they will thrive. That will create new businesses and more jobs.
  2. If the Harbour walls are repaired and more pontoons and additional facilities are put in. The very busy and crowded water-based businesses (fishing, diving etc etc) have more space to use and grow. Creating more jobs.
  3. If the walkway alongside the Harbour is properly pedestrianised and landscaped, giving access to the harbourside and those fabulous views, (and getting rid of all the grey tin boxes and barbed wire topped fences). It will attract more visitors to explore between the Beach and the Harbour visiting the businesses, helping them grow. This creates more jobs.

Just to be clear, I am using the ‘royal we’ here. The funding will be paid to the lead partner, which will now be changing from WPBC to the new Dorset Council. They will do all that building work (They own the land after all). It has already been agreed and is ‘ring fenced’ so it cannot be siphoned off for other things elsewhere.

The other partner i.e. WADT, has already started to develop the Centre of Excellence for SMEs with the other members of the Team, and this will continue throughout the 23 months of building work until it is ‘move in ready’. Currently the Starfish Enterprise CoWork Hub project, is the ‘pilot’ for the Centre of Excellence project. This has been relocated to 2, Dorchester Road Weymouth, to allow for all the demolition to take place. So, if you are interested in being part of developing that work, or perhaps you are a business looking for coworking membership, then do get in touch. Details on the project’s website www.starfishenterprise.org.uk.